Durham, NC

Geer Street, Durham, NC

Taking advantage of a strong demand for high quality but moderately priced apartments, GeerHouse has a centrally-located Durham, NC address, located near jobs, nightlife and entertainment and is much-sought after by the type of renter creating this strong demand.  The 2.2 acre site is located adjacent to Durham’s Central Park on Foster Street – the prominent north-south spine of the city – and is a short walk to the major employers in nearby Durham ID and the American Tobacco campus.  The project features 256 units new multi-family units – averaging 820 nsf with a unit mix of 20% studio units, 50% 1 bedroom units, and 30% 2 bed units – and 35,000 square feet of retail featuring a large entertainment retail space.  The project uses the adjacency of an historic building and the entertainment energy of the neighborhood as a focal point for the development and delivers efficiently-sized units in less expensive stick-built construction for the majority of the project.